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 Producer Profiles :  Burgundy : Joseph Roty

Joseph Roty

An Atherton Wine Imports Direct Domaine

Domaine Joseph Roty has long been considered one of the top producers in all of Burgundy. The Grand Cru, Premier Cru and village level wines from Gevrey are always intensely concentrated, wonderfully complex and very long-lived. Joseph’s son Philippe now manages daily operations at the domaine and it is clear that the tradition of excellence will continue.

The flagship Grand Crus Charmes-Chambertin Tres Vieilles Vignes, Mazis-Chambertin and Griotte-Chambertin are all made from very old vines (some were planted in the late 1800s) and are as rich, concentrated and age-worthy as the greatest produced by Joseph.

The wines from Gevrey are excellent values. Philippe’s style is more evident in these wines as they are still very concentrated and complex, but tend to be more approachable in their youth.

Not only has Philippe maintained the high quality of their wines from the Chambertin area, but he is almost single-handedly elevating the reputation of Marsannay. He has expanded the domaine’s holdings in the village dramatically and is lobbying the INAO to grant Premier Cru status to some of the vineyards. Blind tastings have clearly demonstrated that his top Marsannays deserve that recognition.

Praise for Joseph Roty

“Roty has made an extended push in Marsannay over the past 3 years and is now by far and away the quality leader for this appellation.” (Allen Meadows, Burghound, Jan 2005)

“the village wines, including those from Marsannay, routinely outperform most premier crus from the northern Cote de Nuits. And they are reasonably priced” (Stephen Tanzer, I.W.C., Mar/Apr 2001)

“Roty’s wines are very distinctive. They are full, very intense, very perfumed and very harmonious. They are certainly immensely seductive.” (Clive Coates, Cote D’Or, 1997.)

“this is winemaking of exceptional quality at every level.” (Remington Norman, The Great Domaines of Burgundy)

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